Change of Scenery

Writers are said to live in their own world, as if they were on a different planet—a sphere that is more mental than physical. But you have to delve into the real world now and then to get ongoing inspiration. I can’t write well if I am not experiencing my surroundings in new ways. I read tons of books and ideas flow through my brain, especially how I could do better. If I am stuck in a rut, I can open a new novel that has achieved some acclaim. But it is better is better to go for a real change of scenery rather than a fabricated one. You can get your own angle on things. Going to a new area may be required. That’s what writers do. They draw from every possible source, real or imagined. It is a difficult process for many and successful writers are few and far between.

I am seeking a change of scene as I write, one where I can take my laptop and work as I wish. I create my own schedule as long as I write several times a week. A laptop is the answer to note taking as well. You can jot down thoughts and images even if you plan to write it up later. I carry my laptop safely in my business bag to protect it from harm ever since reading a post on Business Bag Review. It becomes my portable desk. The bag contains other essentials for a writer out in the field. I have a camera (apart from my iPhone), a notepad, a printed calendar, and a flashlight. I stock bottles of water and pens. Energy bars are frequent visitors to its innards. If I were an artist sitting in the park, no doubt I would have a sketchbook, charcoal pencils, pastels, and an eraser. I would also have my phone to take pictures of things I would want to remember and work into a painting later. Creative work demands relocation and you have to tote your stuff with you. The tools of my trade are always on hand. I never know when I will sit for a while and compose a story—round out a plot or develop a character. Inspiration comes when it wants and it can’t be stifled. It may never come back. Relish its appearance, my friends.

Some people take their world with them in a briefcase and some in a lowly paper bag. I have a great, now business bag that I bought to support my productivity. It isn’t just for a desk job. Most bags these days have compartments for laptops and this is essential for me. I like a zippered pouch to make sure there is never any water damage. I have also seen people spill their cans of soda inside. The biggest tip I have is to keep it covered, preferably in a padded section of your bag.