Inspiration from an Unlikely Place

As an inveterate writer, I look for inspiration near and far. You never know what will strike a chord. The notes of a writer’s craft are plot, characters, witty prose, and a clever turn of phrase. Anything can provoke a barrage of new thoughts, many of which are fodder for books, stories and articles. While I have published my share, I still am in the hunt for new ideas. It is not always easy as life is distracting. We all have our routines that interfere with creativity. You can’t just turn it on and off, as much as we would like to do this. There are times of great productivity and fallow times as well. I would rather share the former with my blog readers, but I must devote equal time to writer’s block, for example, to be fair. I promised you the trials and tribulations of an author, and that is what you are going to get.

I can get inspired by very mundane things. If you are a fellow writer, you surely know what I mean. Any subject is fair game for a story and when it comes to fiction, you have to pull from your immediate environment. Writers keep a journal for this reason. If something interesting happens, I take notes or even jot down a few key paragraphs. If I am on a roll, I go to my desk, prop open the laptop, and go to town. I can go for hours.

So what was the latest happening that got me started on a new story? It was so simple. I never dreamt of having something like this be the prompter of a book. It was my nephew jumping on his mini kids’ trampoline from Trampoline Choice. I was visiting my sister and he goes with the territory. He is usually off somewhere playing video games, watching TV, or texting friends on Facebook even at his age. They all do it. I loved seeing him get some exercise on the backyard trampoline. It is small enough to fit in his room, but my sister liked the idea of pairing its usage with fresh air. Good thinking. I was mesmerized watching him jump up and down without nary a breather. I resolved to focus on obsession in my story.

I would create a character who had an obsession with trampolines. He travels far and wide to test them out, always in search of the ultimate one. The story will take him to exotic and unexpected places. This will give the story color and reach. It will be an adventure that readers can track. The trampoline is a mere foil for the action and the revelation of the obsessive trait that dominates the character and changes a normal life into a madness. How’s that for a concept? Again, any topic can work if you find the right words to develop it.